Ethereum/BSC Audit

Our engineers can do all types of security audits for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain – Solidity smart contract audits, DApp security reviews, layer 2 assessments and more.

Enterprise Security Audit

We provide security audit for the high-level description of the many ways organizations can test themselves. We assess their overall security to meet business objectives, including cybersecurity.

Source Code Audit

We analyze source code, compiled versions of code and network traffic to help find security flaws. Code security analysis is a must for running applications with high demand.

Our Work

Our Security Audit Process

Code distribution

Code is distributed to our core team and to several team members across the globe when necessary.

Individual auditing
All team members first analyze the code on their own, before submitting a draft of their findings.

Collaborative auditing
Once individual audit findings are put together, the results are discussed and the team proceeds to do another round of collaborative auditing.

Final report delivery

Once the collaborative auditing is done, all issues and optimization advice is documented and the report is submitted to the client.

our team

Our Core Team

Rickey Cohen

Rickey Cohen

Senior Auditor

Rickey is security audit consultant as well as a former software engineer in Novell Networks. He calls himself a "Security Evangelist". We think he is really good at analyzing solutions for attack vectors and finding common security flaws.

Jacob Blair

Jacob Blair

Security Expert

Jacob is an experienced Blockchain developer with vast practical knowledge in smart contract security. He has done development as well consultancy to major Blockchain projects in the past. He is good at developing secure smart contracts.



Security is often the last thing to be considered during the development nad lifecyle of IT projects.